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    Well I decided to open back up.  Many people missed me some didn't.  Through out my life I have witnessed many different aspects of the way many different people tend to life.  I am not saying I grew up in the hardcore ghetto or that I actually was a thug for half my life.  All I say is that through the safety of my white skin I have been able to see you live your life.  The page(s) I will be writing are to give light to the way many reflect themselves.  There are some amazing things out  there in the neighborhood I have seen and some pretty dumb things that go on at school.  Just like the last website this will have terms, life stories, songs, videos and many others.  Unlike the other website your comments are really not as important to me as you may think, but to make it fair I'll give you the chance to explain your stupidity or to even claim that story as yours.  I hope you enjoy where I left off from the previous website.  


    Just out of my curiosity  I looked up some things for you!

Marijuana VS Sex

Due to the high increase of people beginning to smoke Marijuana I thought I would place some information in here about it.  Nothing is to be used as a scare factor.  Check this stuff out and then go do it.  I want you to try marijuana.  If you have then I congratulate you.  Good job!  You have ventured out into the world grasped the concept of living and began to try new things.   The chart is actually ten years old but you get the sense of the increase and decrease of the teens who have ever tried marijuana.  This is interesting and causes the number to jump.  18% of parents of teens say that their teen has tried marijuana, but 41 percent of teens say they have tried the drug.  At our wonderful drug free school of NCHS 155 to 156 of the 380 seniors have tried marijuana.  If you compare marijuana to teen sex the differences and the side they lean towards are shocking.  By the time you are in 9th grade 34% of your classmates have had sex but by the time you become a senior 60% have had sex. 228 seniors have had sex.  When you look at the numbers and compare them you would think that you are more likely to smoke marijuana.  I don't think this statistic takes place in our school.


           The sides go 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.  Bottom is years.


Don't Touch Me 

Sexual harassment really doesn't mean much to me but we have had a incident in the freshmen area with this.  Now the story is easy and everyone knows it.  If you don't know the story then go ask someone.  With this case of sexual harassment I remain neutral to who I support.  If a guy touches your ass and you say stop but yet he does it again then that is sexual harassment.  But when 3 guys have grabbed you and you only want to report one of them then that is in a way just hoeish.  Yes you were harassed but you can not let it be seen that you allowed someone to continue to touch you after you clearly said stop.  Some one sees that and you think to your self that it is okay to go ahead and do the same.  I really hate to say it but in this incident you created a even more title to put onto the hoe title and you added the special "911 White Girl."  


Illegal Aliens

If you watch the news you have heard of the Mexicans that ventured into our country.  I don't mean to take away from their deaths.  Many people might say these people were courageous, daring, life riskier yes to all of these I agree.  But to these people being honorable is the absolute discrimination of the American Dream.  For you to come into MY country to seek your  new life of freedom or to wealth is the disgrace of my family and the many other families of The United States of America that helped form this country to be what it is.  You shall be deported straight back to your country gift wrapped and signed.  Why bother to enter the country illegally and live a life of freedom from the stress of money.  Your work to bring down the country that many of bleed to raise up is a sin itself.  Come to America the true way.  Come to my country so that I can accept you.  You being illegal is not of my liking.  Wait until I become President of my Country that I live in today.  You will never make it as far as you use to alive!



I love girls.  I love their bodies.  The curves of them are the curves that make life worth while.  



Up The Ass!

I would like to say one positive thing.  Lauren F. you just about the only white girl left at North Crowley that has any sense in your brain.  CONGRATULATIONS!  I will say the next story is not about you.  Yes you go with the older JR but you don't sit around bragging about it and you don't see him coming up to freshmen harassing everyone cause he thinks he now super bad ass over the freshmen.  But the next story is a request.  Those girls out there that can get knocked around by their boyfriend and say they were just kidding is pretty gay.  You people throw your noises up in the air and parade around with your boyfriend by your side.  Your boyfriend is a fucking loser that sports something he didn't even earn.  As I see it he would be a POSER!  Like I said this is a request.  But with some of this I do argue.  Put your god damn noise down and look around.  You might say, "Hmm where did everyone go." I'll let you decide what that means.  Have fun and enjoy the summer. Later!  Oh yeah.  Tell your friend to grow an Ass!

The United States is the land of the free, the home of the brave.  Have you looked around?  The land is filled with many different colors.  Did you know though that the United States is home to 280,562,489 people and with that 77.1% are white and 12.9% are black.  When I saw this number it actually shocked me.  I thought that the white would of been around 60 and the black around 20.  But this isn't about percentage of any color living in America.  This is about the things we call being white or being black.  A friend once brought this to my attention saying tell me what it takes to be black or what it takes to be white.  I would want to know what it actually takes to be black or white too.  If you plan on putting something into the forum and your plan on being racist please make sure you put your name in it.


Banned From North Crowley

This is pretty cool.  Three websites in 2 years and all 3 have been banned.  I had the one in homestead thats main feature was PORN and then the next one was geocities.com/stealthballs the original but people were only told to not go to it.  It wasn't until Monday May 19th that it was finally banned from the great school called North Crowley.  You can also visit this site at www.angelfire.com/creep/northcrowleyLater.




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