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Balrog with Wings? The Reason why people are nuts about that debate.

Let's get the facts...This Topic has been debated about since CoE Started, maybe even before then. I have no idea. As I was saying the Great Tolkien Readers have decided that the Balrog Had no wings. The Question is, simply, Would it have mattered? No, Not really. In the Fall of Gondolin the Balrogs Could have easily breached the Hidden Gate without wings, Or judgeing by their Size, which was thrice that of a Man, could have easily Scaled the Great Mountains. Either Way, Gondolin was doomed.

If You'd like another Slice of Me, here it is. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf Followed the Balrog up the Lost Stair case of Kazad-Dum. Of course...The Balrog just could have flown up, Given he has wings, but really, Would you need a Fiery Maiar To guide you up several Flights of Stairs. There for. Either Way, if or if not the Balrog had wings, the outcome would have easily been the Same.

So, Why do people still continue to debate about this? What else to keep them interested? Yes, I know what you're thinking. "You hypocrit! You made this site to keep you interested!" Yes, Well...I'm trying to Start a whole new look (again) Something practical. No More LotR, well, maybe a few more. BUT THEN STRICTLY OTHER JUNK!

If you care to Place a Debate with me on Whether or Not It mattered.
Contact me Here: E-mail (

From there you can ask me my AIM, to debate

Stay Tuned for "Does it really Matter on Two Glorfindels?"

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