kirks birFday

ahh kirks birthday. not only did we let her sing all the disney songs she wanted, she slept over at lizzys house with deAnna, played iN THE SNOW, got some sort of... loations? from lizzys mom, her cake in the morning was the best chocolate pie... EVER.

happy birthday to you... lalala.

kirsten now has silky legs... and soft hands thanks to mrs webb... how thoughtful.

mmmmm snow.

that dog is hot.

we had a massive snow fight... not snowball... as kirsten threw snow down deAnnas back, she tried to get lizzy.. so they were running around in lizzys back yard... and the snow was deep. and. they had to take a uhh break because they are too fat and old for snow fights these days.

kirk/lizzy/dee and the pie of awesome-ness.

...and that was a night.