mmm palos south.

ahh palos south.. whats gone wrong? well for one, theres this drug poster there.. whats up with that. south has turned into.... be cool stay in school sort of place.. i mean... its super safe? now.. i dont like it.. but its still south.. so its awesome.. i guess.

heres something for example.. south has CAMERAS NOw?

ahh our old lunch table.. some awesome things have gone on there.. but wha deAnnas looking at.. its unknown.

ugh.. the best part of that class was the songs that were made from deAnnas shirts.

hmmmm green thing.

we touched the un-touch-able.


m-o-n-a l-i-s-a yay

weeeeeee [6th grade stairs... mmm]

you guys wanna buy some.. cannnndyyy?

i have an ardent for last years vocab.

for some odd reasion.. i love this picture.

attempt one of two

attempt two of two.

remember cleavy?

cleavy plus rock

no whining.....

wtf is this? new 'art'????

this bathroom has been out of order since like... seventh grade.

...this ones never broken

hahahAHHA remember sCIENCE pff what a joke

as lizzy rolls down the hill

mmm snOW!!!!