the big high school.. of hell.

ahh the smell of marist. not quite yummy. public schools smell wayy better... and the hallways are better... and so are the kids, but atleast at marist theres noone doin mean voodoo on deAnna. these are some pictures of the maristers that are cool.. or atleast we think they are and times when we had to get picked up from school.. and got bored...


white hen coffee... and deAnnas mom driving.. uh oh.

care to buy his aids for $9.99?

mmm look at these hotties.

teacher o pottery..... and the guy everyone hates.

jesus is a p-i-m-p.

mmmmm jamie mc beautiful.

want that.. one dollA bill..?

find deAnna and... win?

nicole y lizzy.

alyssa and lizzy...

alyssa= my hero... isnt my 'asin pot' awESOME... mmm

this one was saved as bethy poo... ask lizzy?

flams hottness hand.

kara mc hot hot.. in pottery.

ahh the hallways of marist..