the fun never ends?

jjoy/joner/deAnna/mc boobs/lizzy=...

this picture sums up the night. for those of you who dont know yet, playing dress up at lizzys house ruLES. its awesome.. not only this time was it fun, we have pictures to prove it.... odd pictures. after a mean game of dress up, we went to show her mom... because shes cool like that.. and then we got to go play in the snow *smiles*.. walked to the park.. again.. and then played the cup game. ahh and we cant forget about mario kart.

this is how it all started.

hmm... i dont know what your thinking.. all that we're doing is laughing..

hmmm *ponders*... now this one.. i know what they are thinking..

lizzy... and her.. sexy odd face?

mmmm gold head bands...

call us...

...we're waiting?

their real... i swear.

mmmmm boooooobs.


lets just say.. the drill.. got around.

lizzys moms face after seeing us.

orgy on the ice?

creepy eyes.

theres a ghost.. that stalks us.

dancinggggggggggggggggggg yayy.

*dances the night away*

aww.. the ghost joined in.

bye bye snowman.

[action pictures...]

piggy back racing.. turns into...

...jjoy and joner falling...

...lizzy and mc boobs falling of laughter.

mmmm snow

deAnna playing in sNOW with ghost.


joners hat better known as.. 'the betsy'.

what would you like?

kiss kiss.


can you find... jesUS?

dun dun dunnn.

you know your gettin hot... in your pants.