some things that go on in here should not be seen

many things happen at lizzys house. it may be dress up day, time to make cotton candy, hanging out with her awesome mom, going outside to her park and walk on the ice and play on the swing sets, breaking her swing set in her back yard, walking to south or the plush horse, or just sitting, theres never a boring time.

considering lizzy and deAnna are princess, thanks to one visit to target, lizzy is.. ariel.. one of the best princesses ever... besides belle.

... as lizzys ariel... deAnnas kiNG triton... muhaHaHA

*princesses on ice*

*princesses on ice... again*

...and one more time.

jolly ole lizzy?

the princess awaits.

sign in the pond...

amandUh the hick

lizzys house... part dos.