we're cooking over an open fire.

ahh burger king. after the stagg dance thing.. we walked over to the near by burger king.. and well.. it was 9:57 in the pm... so we had a couple minutes to get our din din in the.. 'dining room' when as we were walking to the doors, the burger king locked us out. trusty jjoy read that the drive thru was open for another half hour. so we.. 'drove' through the drive-thru and they would not ask us what our order was.. so we got maddddd and jjoy and lizzy went to the window and demanded that we got our food.. so all that was left was deAnna and joner.. so we had a fun time tryin to fake out the burger king... queen.. then then after we got our food... we had to walk back to joners house.. and on the way back.. we...

heres some proof that we did this... along with some pictures from joners house and some people we saw at stagggggggg....

ordering at the drive-thru.

...as we pay the 'nice' burger lady.

we're cooking over an open fire.. HEY THEYRE COOKING OVER AN OPEN FIRE!

the ghost from the ice stalks us everywhere...

look at lizzys nose drippage... haHA

stagg locker room plus.. mary-christ-goeR?!

mmmm public school lunch.

mmmm public school pole.

goals make "cents"?

joners household.. plus some people.. her brothers are so ghettO. ahh i love it.

nicks my home fry yo.

joners little sister.. and lizzy.. killing her.

lizzy and her new... 'friend' rebecca.