My Room

If pictures show up as an x, right click and select show picture.

[Sorry for the smallness of this picture, Photobucket resized it :(] This is the entry to my room. What a beautiful door, eh?

This is what you see when you walk in.

This is what you'll see if you turn to your immediate right.

Next to the wall to your immediate right, it a smaller wall...thing. O.o; Well, this is what's on it.

If you walk up a few inches you'll notice a bunch of pictures stuck to the side of my TV. Here it is!

Then, if you turn to your right you'll see my 'dresser'.

When you turn around, and close my door...This is what you'll see.

And this is what lurks behind my door, SUM 41!

There's the little table next to my bed!

This is the wall above the table next to my bed.

My bed, and the ugly blanket on it.

Further down my bed, IS MY KITTY!

Here's just a glimpse at my Blink-182 obsession.

Here's a mini book shelf

CD's and rubber duckies, yay!

Stupid stuffed animals, and more Blink-182!

Here's mah desk.

A wonderous chair!

Below my TV...

This didn't come out so well, sorry. It's my mirror.

On top of my TV

Another shot of my mirror

My closet door

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