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Im a lame arsed "G" list celebrity get me out of here!

For those of you who live under a rock, cant afford a tv and have to use a cardboard box and your imagination or simply have the decency not to watch itv, there is this shite arsed program called im a celebrity get me out of here. there are so many things wrong with this but lets start with the obvious, fistly no one in the damn program is atually a celebrity and if you have a life you might be unlucky enough to have heard of one of them. its just a sad desprate attempt to get some fame. These sort of "reality" programs in general totally suck, big brother was the biggest wast of time i ever saw, the only interesting things about it were that you could hope one of them would die in some hideous accident or that they would simply kill each other or eat the chickens that quite frankly desrve to be eaten anyway because thats what chickens are for. but with im a lame arsed celebrity you dont get any of this, there are no chickens and eveyone on it is amazingly boring and they all try so hard to be unoffensive and nice to eachother. If you dont have a tv and want to get some idea of what its like go find a bunch of very boring people (possibly in some sort of dull office job) and hang around behind them listening to their dull conversations about how much paper is left in the printer. If they start to talk about something interesting like who was in the stationary cupboard with who then put your hands over your ears and try to make jungle sounds to drown out the conversation. now do this for 10 hours a day and hey presto you have itv 2 for free. the other thing i hate about it is that they call it reality tv, but it couldnt be further from reality if they wrapped the contestants in tin foil and made them wear coat hangers on their heads. if they were realy in the jungle they would all have trench foot and leeches and half of them would be dead by now from eating poison berrys and furry caterpillars, which cant be a bad thing considering the type of people who do this thing. Its not like itv dont know how boring their program is, if you watch it on sky you get a little interactive game at the bottom of the screen to keep you interested while they mute the conversation and make inapropriate jungle noises. if you have itv 2 the most intersting thing you could do with it would be to take whatever it is you recive it on (sky digital ,freeveiw etc) and put it in the microwave. the entertainment may only last a few minutes but its comedy value exceeds the ammount you can get from itv in a lifetime. its like that chinese saying that goes, "if you give a man a fire he will be warm for a day, but if you set him on fire he will be warm for the rest of his life"