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Cure your manic depresion now!

Are you depressed? with our quick and easy and quick one week course you can learn to make your manic depression fun. we can teach you how to invent imaginary friends so you will allways have someone to play with. Friends not for you? Dont worry we have plenty of drugs we can pack you full of. If you have a limited imagination we can send our own "special" friend for you, his name is stephen, he likes special hugs and his favorite passtime is to make friends. you will often find him saying such witty remarks such as "will you be my friend?". Order now and you will recieve some bleach to keep your new friend clean all day long and smelling like flowers*. With your new friend steve you will recieve a full cleaning and maintinace kit, and a one year free repair period should he break due to misuse or abuse. So order now for only 29.99 and recieve all these wonderful free gifts. If you require any further information phone our hotline at 0800 778358 and you will recieve a fabulous free pen i found in a hotel. ________________________________________________________________________________ (* we at Transglobal-hyper-mega-net do not accept any legal responsibility for bleach related accidents, to your peson or steve)

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