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Cure your manic depresion now!

Confused? all alone? well things are about to get a hell of a lot more confusing, but dont wory because by the time i have finsihed with you, you will be so confused you will have to buy our product and then everything will be okay! Before you buy our product you should complete this questionaire to determine which product is for you.

1. Do you know why you are here?

a)im was trying to find my way home when my car broke down, i just came in to use the phone but now im lost.

b) Im confused thats why im here because i dont know whats going on! Give me the answers damit i want my life back!

c)yes i do.

2. If the teacher has 5 apples and he gives two to jimmy. jimmy eats half of his apples and sells one to bob. bob then steals another apple off pete who got 3 from the teacher. Five people then get off at the next staion and then 3 get on. how may toes are on your left hand?


b)four the thumb doesnt count

c)0 they are fingers not toes

If you answered mostly a you need our curing insainity package and map home. all avalible for the low low price of 24.95

If you answered mostly b you are drunk and should not be on the internet, but we will sell you our patented single use hangover cure* for 99.95

If you answered mostly c you are a wiseass and need our hired goons to come round your house and give you a good beating so you learn to be a better member of society. this service is free of charge.

(* Not an actual cure but you are drunk so you wont read the small print)

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