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Cure your manic depresion now!

Confused? Scared? feeling all lumpy inside? if this sounds like you then you have come to the right place. We are here to help, with our easy one week guide you can learn to be a confident happy person. one week you say thats a very short space of time how can you achive this? well thanks to our new patented "make up crap" tecnology (or muc for short) we will have you acting normal in no time at all. that still doesnt answer my question, i hear you shout. Damn staight it doesnt, as part of our muc policy we wont give you answers of any real help and we will shove you so full of 3 letter anagrams (or tla for short) You wont know what hit you. Click below to see information on our courses. You better had or we will send men round to your house!

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