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This is the story about why I have no more piercing for right now.

Not long after I got the piercing, the skin on the inside of my lip started trying to grow over the back of the bar. At first I thought it would stop after a bit, but no, stubborn ass that my body is, it didn't. It kept trying, and in fact got faster about it. Where it took an 8 hour sleep for it to get any kind of near-closed in the beginning, it took 4 hours to heal completely just before I removed it. It got more and more irritated every time I had to tear it out, and almost got infected. When I stripped my lovely lil awesome blue spike trying to get it off one evening, I decided to just take it out and get it redone at a later point. So soon, I hope, I will have another piece of body jewelry, most likely in the same place.