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Happy & Free Monologues

First of all, I wish to tell the people I stole the masks from that I am sorry. I liked them so much I just had to put it on my stupid little website that no one will ever see. Okay, now I will tell you the purpose for my site! As many people know, finding the perfect monologue is tough! You might not find the one with the feeling you want. All you will need to do is to send me an Email saying that you need a monologue. Just include as much information about the part you are trying out for. For example, if you were trying out for someone like a fighter with deep emotions, just say that. If you want to get specific, you could say "A boxer remembering his first time in the ring" or just explain the character you are looking for. Tell me a job or a reason. Send it to and I will send you a monologue. Just one thing, no Shakespeare. My old English isn't that good. (In writing anyway) I can help you find a good monologue for your part though. You may wonder why. It is so I can get feed back. I need to know if I am doing well or not. The people I see are all mindless yes men who couldn't read to save their lives. Just send me some feedback. (Positive or negative) Even if you don't need a monologue and just want to challenge me, please send me your requests.

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