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Here is one of our favourite buildings:

The Cathedral

The Medieval Cathedral stands over the traditional buirial place of St Mungo it is believed to be the site where he established a Christian Community in the 6th century CE. In 1136 the first stone building was built but was later detroyed by fire it was later rebuilt by Bishop Jocelyn in 1197.

St Mungo's tomb became a place of pilgrimage and as the town grew the Cathedral was enlarged and beutified. The saints remains were exhumed and placed in a shrine behind the High Altar where pilgrims including King Edward I of England came to pray.

The magnificent Lower Church is a splendid example of 13th century Gothic architecture as are the columns and vaults around the raised stone platform were St Mungo was originaly buried. The Blacader Aisle contains a wonderful collection of carved roof bosses and the carved Quire Screen that seperates the Naive from the Quire and Chancel is also very beutiful .

The cathedral is a place of worship not only for the people of Glasgow but also for the thousands of tourists who visit it every year.

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