This page is dedicated to Mike and Mani who gave the "Zoo" such a great laugh at their stupidity.

I made this page just because I had nothing to do this weekend and wanted to learn what I forgot about html all over again, and mostly for shit's and giggles from the zoo! HOPE YOU LIKE IT GUYS!!!!!



I told you mani looked like an ugly ass monkey!

WOW!!!! is it just me or do these two look a lot alike????

See what I mean? They almost look like brothers. They even sit the same. Mani, You kept saying you won,to give up, you had a lot of practice, and your better at this then me. But in truth I am the real shit talker here. I was able to talk shit about you without even knowing about you and still make you look like an ass.

And now for the moment we all have been waiting for. Well at least Brian and I are mostly amused by it.... MIKE! THE DIPSHIT! This guy for some reason is only able to pick up women that are sluts. So after about 3 women he went crazy and decided to hate all women and want to kill them. He wants to kill our friend meuy just because she ate some chicken that was made for him without knowing it. The maker offered it to the whole group without telling us who it was for! So he is threatening to kill meuy for a stupid shitty reason. Does that mean since you hate women mike your going to be a fudge packer?




Crazy Dumbass mike. Seriously mike, for you're safety and others, check yourself into a mental hospital A.S.A.P because your a damn Psychopath. You need serious help. I used to laugh at the killing meuy jokes because I thought you were just teasing her about it and trying to make us laugh, but after finding out you created a whole web page about killing women and meuy mostly, and in one of your threads say that meuy knows you want to kill her, I realized how sick in the head you really are. If you are going to a a ass plug, hook up with mani so that he has a chance to know what the feel of another person other then his hand is like. It's known that crazy people have small obsession's. But you don't have anything like that do you? Chicken, gary, starwars, nah, those couldn't be it.Just because gary can beat women and threaten to kill them doesn't mean that you can. Remember he has the money to buy his way out of trouble. What's really sad is that a grown man collects and plays with a kids card game, pokemon... Enough said. Maybe you and mani can play the grown up game, poke a man.

Here you go mike, MEERKAT, a little skinny rat with you face on it.

This page is for my boys Brian & Matt, and also for the "ZOO".