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WeLcOmE tO My SiTe!

Me and Caitie !! I Looove Her

The guys Harassing People On My Computer.. Ahh What Else Is New ??

Me and Jemal.. Hehehe

Me and Jemal Again.. We Won!!

Ronell.. What am I Gonna Do With ya Kiddo?!

Me on the phone.. Like Always!

Hahaha.. I Dunno Man, I Just Dont Know

Me and My Ghettoness.. Ohh Hell Yes!

Me Ashley Alyssa and John.. Lookin @ Somethin! Hehe

Me with Steve and Rj.. They r Fuckin Sickos to The Max!

Me when I cheered for Pop Warner Last Year.. I Miss It :-(

Me and Christina!

Me with Chris!

Me and My Bestest Friend Andrew Briere !!

Me ..Chillen wit People At The Game.. You Kno How I Roll

Im Trying to Act Serious But Its Just Not Happenin


What are you Doing Matt !? Its A Mystery To All

People Chillen at Mi Casa

Me with Matt and Timothy!

Me and Jemal ..On Air.. Haha I Love It

That Would Be John with His Doggy.. Aww How Cute ((The Dog I Mean)) Hehe

Me and Kelsea are on the Ends.. I have No Idea Who the Gurlz in The Middle are!

Me with Those Mysterious Girlz Again ((One Of Which Is Molesting Me))

Ben Don't You Just Love When I Hug You While I'm Covered In Pudding ?!

Me with Kacey and Jeanna

The Guyz Actin Like Fuckheads.. Why Am I Friends With These People !?

Greg is a Silly Goose !!

Serina and Ricardo

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