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Date: 1-28-05

Major updates here, in case you haven't noticed we have had some line-up changes. We're currently teaching the songs to our new guitarist John and then we're going to start writing new songs. No word on when we're going to start playing shows but hopefully soon. Our myspace has been updated with new shit so check that out.

Date: 9-4-05

Alright I just realized that this page hasn't been updated in a couple months. We've still yet to obtain a guitarist and recording is going very slowly but hopefully we'll finish the first 4 songs by mid-September and then start recording the next 4 songs after that. Hope you all have been enjoying the incomplete songs on our Myspace. Once the guitarist is found shows will begin...again.

Date: 6-18-05

Time for another update. We are currently in the pre-production stage of recording the demo. We upped it to a 7 possibly 8 track demo. We're going to start tracking in less than 2 weeks. So other than that there is nothing else to post. Keep checkin back in for updates.

Date: 5-20-05

Well, we recorded some live rough tracks Thursday night during practice and we are putting a couple up on myspace. This was also Filip's last performance with the band and we all wish him well. This recording session has nothing to do with the demo, we just did it so we could have some music for everyone to listen to since we've been laggin on the demo. We are going to re-record these tracks either this week or next week in the studio and that will be the actual demo. Of course we are now in search of a 2nd guitarist. If you are a solid player, quick learner and have the ability to play lead drop us an e-mail thanks.

Date: 5-15-05

Thanks to everyone that came out last night. We just got a new guestbook cause the old one wasn't working so now you can write lovely messages for us. If anyone has pictures from last night please e-mail them to That's it for now.

Date: 5-12-05

We're playing a show this Saturday at the De La Salle Rockfest. This should be fun can't wait to see you all there. More info. on the Shows page.

Date: 5-5-05

Alright more news worth posting. First off some bad news, Filip is leaving the band cause he's goin to Riverside for college. He decided it was better to let us know now so we have plenty of time to find a replacement. He's gonna stick with us for recording and other shit until we find his replacement, which is kick ass. Which brings us to the next subject, the demo. It will be recorded next weekend, we promise. It will definetly have 6 songs and maybe a guitar instrumental.

Date: 4-13-05

We're playing at a house party this Friday night, the 15th. Check out the shows page or myspace for all the info...In case you don't know our myspace link is

Date: 4-3-05

We just all want to say thanks to everyone that came out last night to the battle of the bands. It was a great first show and we all had a shitload of fun. Pictures are up too. We're gonna be writin more shit in the next couple weeks then we'll play some more shows so stay posted.

Date: 3-28-05

Oh yes a worthy update. We have just confirmed to play the Battle of the Bands at the Temple Ahavat Shalom this Saturday. Check out the shows page for more info. and come out and support us for our first show!!

Date: 3-19-05

More updates...Pictures from practice are up now and we decided to change our name to Lying Beneath. Keep checking back for a show update in the next couple weeks.

Date: 3-12-05

Alright big news, we have found our permanent drummer now. His name is Maurice and he's sick on the kit. Today we went to some rehearsal studio outside of L.A. and got a lot of work done, we finally also have pictures that will be posted on the site soon. If everything keeps going like it has been this past week we should be playing shows and recording in April. We're also gonna change the name again....this one got old fast.

Date: 2-18-05

Our 2nd update already...that was fast. We have acquired a 2nd guitarist, a very good friend of Justins, Filip! This shit's about to get even more insane than we thought possible. His bio and equipment list are up check it out.

Date: 2-15-05

Wut up welcome to the site its pretty gay but ya its somethin. More stuff to be added soon. All the pages on the site are up and running so check em out. We're gonna be recordin a lil demo soon if all goes well. Check back for more info.








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