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My religion is called Ism if you are a follower of Ism than you are called an Ist

Our Beliefs

1. We do not believe that there is or is not God. Instead we believe that there is too little evidence to support either theory.
2. We do not have a church, temple, mosque, or any other place of worship. The reason is that we do not worship anything.
3. We HATE Jews. They have not done anything for our world and should all be killed.
4. There is no sin. Sin was created to keep little kids from disobeying their parents.
5. Rape is wrong if you rape someone your penis will be cut off.
6. Stealing is only acceptable if the person you are stealing from is richer than you.
7. If it's fun and doesn't contradict either number 5 and/or 6 than go for it.
That is all. You have to do to be an Ist. This is my religion and I am letting you in on it. If you want to become an Ist E-Mail me - or on AIM: KLiK339 or PL4iN339