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[ ? ] jess ibly
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? Wednesday, Roctober 4th

Overheard at the coffee machine:

gotta find out how to incorporate my lj into here. can it be done? we'll see. also gotta add a link to d/l the hanson day tribute vid. hmmm... all following entries are examples. i dont care about jills diet. really.

Matilda's dog is missing, and the cat next door has suddenly gained a LOT of weight.

Jill claims to have discovered an amazing new diet. We noticed that several of her fingers are also missing.

? Tuesday, Roctober 3rd

Overheard in the supply room:

Marty wears a wig! And here we all believed for years that astro-turf was his natural hair color. Boy do we feel fooled! Now we know why his head always looks like a well-tended lawn.