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JennyBob Pine Apple

Wednesday, 10 December 2003

trouble trouble trouble
ok ok ... im in trouble like normal i got kicked outa school today and im kicked outta school till tommaro then i got iss then pm detention... so on and so forth

Posted by creep/jennybob669 at 8:16 PM EST
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Monday, 8 December 2003

Today at school
Well I got in trouble at school like normal... me and my bud Brittany Mullins were Skippin class and we got caught by the stupid ass fuck my.scrabroh or summin like that .. and on the bus lot i tryed to givemy friends a hug and mr. bitch grabbed my BOOB! he is like 50 too!!! it was nasty .... and the thing is he did it on purpose... my friends all seen it...

Posted by creep/jennybob669 at 10:20 PM EST
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Its like 12:32 right this second and im bored as hell... hmmm my cuzzin katie spent the night last night and i didnt get the chance to right anything ... but me and her made a bondfire went cow tippin and walked half a mile to a store ... while it was snowin .. so yea... and im bored as ass fuck and thought i would type summin nice ... but i really didnt ... so yea

Posted by creep/jennybob669 at 12:28 AM EST
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Friday, 5 December 2003

Bitch Bitch and more BItch
Today i woke up about 12:19 and my mom was like you had a couple of phone calls this mornin and it was Robert and Melonie... so i called them back... so while i was talkin to them (3way)and my mom came in and was like do you wanna go to your dads tonight and im like NO! ... and she is like Rex is commin over and im like so and then she starts raisin hell like normal... and hat is my day so far.

Posted by creep/jennybob669 at 12:44 PM EST
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Ok today it snowed... it snowed all freakin day we had up to 8 inches of freakin snow.... hmm

It all started...
me and my friend was on the phone all night waitn on it to snow and it never did .... so we planed the next day of school... and well we had everything worked out and every thing.. then we got off bout 5:24 to be exact... and went to bed... and i woke up at 10:13 and it was 3 inches of snow on the ground .. and im like WHOA~! so i called my friend i was on the phone with and woke em up and they were like OMG !!!

hehehe ....

Posted by creep/jennybob669 at 4:19 AM EST
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