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Cainite History

The history of the Kindred is a long one; one that follows the Bible even as it shows that there is a lot that mankind has yet to learn. Starting with the first murder millennia ago all the way to the beginning of the last days of the nearly unquestioned dominance of the supernatural in the world, here is how the vampires came to be as they are now:

There are many theories concerning the creation and birth of the Kindred. The most widespread is that the Third Mortal, Caine, was the first of them. This theory is even further strengthened by the existence of a manuscript Caine supposedly wrote during his early years, the Book of Nod. Though a complete copy has never been found, it is in this book that Caine describes his downfall and his ascent as the first vampire.

 Caine, the first child of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel in a misguided and perverse sacrifice to God for His love. For this, God came to Caine and exiled him from His own presence and love into the lands east of Eden, called "Nod." Though God grieved over Abel's death, he still loved Caine, and thus placed a mark upon him to protect him from the evil creatures that even then inhabited the world. God cursed Caine nonetheless so that Caine would forever remember his crime and forever know that God had rejected him from the cycle of life.

In the lands of Nod, Caine wandered through land both harsh and unforgiving. Death seemed inevitable, for none but creatures of evil survived in such a place. It was then, in the last hours of Caine's life that he was saved. A beautiful woman came forth and promised him a place to stay, food, and clothing and comfort. Caine asked her who she was and she admitted that she was Lilith, Adam's first wife. She told Caine that she had been exiled from Eden for refusing to obey God unquestioningly. It was during this period of time that she learned to draw upon her own power to create what she needed from her surroundings. Caine begged Lilith to teach him how to use this power, to Awaken him to true Magick, which Lilith finally consented to by filling a cup with her blood and having Caine drink it down. Caine immediately fell into unconsciousness as his soul was changed, opening him to Magick and Power.

When Caine awoke, the archangels of God visited him. First came Michael, the voice of God himself. Michael said, "Son of Adam, Son of Eve, thy crime is great, and yet the mercy of my Father is also great. Will you not repent the evil that you have done, and let his mercy wash you clean?" Caine refused, and for that he was cursed with the fear of fire. Raphael, the driver of the sun, came the next morning and said, "Caine, son of Adam son of Eve, your brother Abel forgives you your sin will you not repent, and accept the mercy of the Almighty?" Caine again refused and was cursed by becoming a true creature of the night and the prey of sunlight. Caine fled into a deep cavern, far away from the power of the sun, and slept. When night fell, Uriel, the archangel of death, came to him and said, "Son of Adam, Son of Eve, God Almighty has forgiven your sin. Will you accept his mercy and let me take you to your reward, no longer cursed?" Caine refused yet again and was cursed with immortality and the need of blood for sustenance, never to change the world and forever cursed with a half-life. Caine wept blood tears then, gathering them and drinking them. Gabriel, the archangel of mercy, finally came before Caine and said, Son of Adam, Son of Eve, Behold, the mercy of the Father is greater than you can ever know for even now there is a path opened a road of Mercy and you shall call this road [Golconda]. And tell your children of it, for by that road may they come once again to dwell in the Light."

All further sign of God's interest in Caine vanished then and Caine was allowed to travel the world again, now a damned creature that would have been doomed to powerlessness and loneliness if not for the witch Lilith. Caine rejoined Lilith then and began training in Magick and the power now present in his very blood. From Lilith, Caine learned the basis for the Disciplines Obfuscate, Presence, and Dominate. Caine learned more on his own, those powers that became the Disciplines Celerity, Potence, Fortitude, Protean, Animalism, and Auspex. It was then that Lilith told Caine that he was risking Godís further wrath to gain further strength. She drew upon her powers to submit him for a long time, even as a kernel of rebellion and power swelled inside Caineís very soul. Finally, a night came when Caine broke from Lilithís yoke of magic and fled from the land of Nod and the demons that served Lilith. It was then that he discovered a path of existence that he named the Path of Blood, from which all other vampire paths are derived from.

After years of wandering away from the land of Nod, Caine came upon a camp of humans. They were the descendants of his parents, of his brother who had been born after his exile, Seth. One among these people, a beautiful woman, captured the heart Caine, who desired for love and company. Her name was Zillah, and she was a true sight to behold. Though Caine loved her with his very cursed soul, she cared nothing for him. Zillah's indifference for Caine pained him, so he took to wandering around this village, thinking nothing but of her and the desire for her to return his feelings. One night, Caine heard singing. He followed the strange song, coming upon a wizened old witch. Caine asked her why she sang, to which she replied, "I sing of that which I cannot have." Caine agreed by saying, "Do not we all?" The old witch smiled, swiftly reading the thoughts of the newly made creature. The old witch promised the answer to Caine's own wish by telling him to drink from her and return the next night. He did so and returned the night afterwards. The old witch was on the rock she had been the night before, but sleeping. Caine woke her and she told him she was dreaming of the answer to his wish and that he must drink from her again then return the next night with a bowl and a sharp knife. He did so and returned. The old witch took the knife and cut herself, spilling some blood into the bowl and mixing in certain herbs and berries. She told Caine to drink, which he did, and cackled with glee. She announced that he was bound to her, to love her, which he discovered he did. Thus the blood bond was created. The witch ordered Caine to make her immortal and to serve her as her slave. He did both.

A year and a day of slavery came from this, in which the witch would come to Caine each night and force an elixir of submission upon Caine, who never drank from her again. The witch took those children that Caine sired and performed magics upon them that none know of today. Then, Caine came to her one night and spoke of nightmares he had, of the Archangel Uriel pronouncing that Caineís children would hunger for his blood. He asked the witch how he could stop those that would attempt to attack him and take his strength into them. She immediately went to a tree of gopher wood and broke off a limb. She told Caine that piercing the heart of one of the Kindred would create submission and then paralyze the body, and then gave the broken tree limb to Caine. Caine immediately did so, stabbing the sharpened end of the tree limb into the witchís heart. She fell to the ground immediately, unable to move. Caine then left, leaving his first childer to face Raphael's curse when the sun rose.

 Keep in mind that years had passed between the aforementioned events, many years. The stories say little, but it is supposed that centuries had passed between Caine's curse and the next chronicle of the history of the Cainites.

 To return to the history, Caine now announced himself in his full glory as a Dark One. He came forth to the people of Seth, his brother, and gathered them around him to show them his power and prestige. These people, primitive such as they are, were awed by Caineís bearing and thus made him their king. Caine immediately commanded a place to be built, a place that he called a city, that of buildings made of stone, brick, and clay, not the simple huts made of branches and dried grass.

 Years of hard work brought the First City forth from the very hands of mankind. Caine came forward and announced that it would be a place of peace and knowledge. In the time afterward, Caine became lonely again, slowly slipping towards despair of his cursed state. One night, after many long weeks of brooding, Caine began to call upon the spirits of the dead and those demons that knew of such things. He listened to their words, learning the truth behind what he called the Embrace. That very night, the archangel Uriel appeared before Caine to announce that any that he sired would be cursed with the need for blood and the desire to usurp their own father. Caine dismissed what the angel told him, his loneliness far too painful for him to truly care about what would happen in the future.  He learned he could pass his powers and immortality to others, which he immediately set out to do. He looked far and wide for his first childe picked in love. That being was one of First Cityís most respected men, Enoch. Enoch freely gave himself to his King with love and so the first of the Second Generation was born. It was then that the First City was also known as Enoch. Soon after, though, Enoch asked his sire for a sister, and so Caine again Embraced. This woman was called Zillah (whether this is the same as the woman Caine loved, we do not know), and soon after another called Irad. These three soon learned how to pass the Dark Blood to others and created progeny of their own. It was when thirteen of such progeny were created when Caine stepped forth and announced that none more would be sired. Being the Dark Father, his word was law and his children and his brood obeyed.

 For long years, the First City was truly a paradise in a dangerous world. Kindred and mankind (Kine) lived together in peace and happiness. It was only a matter of time, however, before the curse fulfilled itself in Caine's brood. They grew decadent and sinful, contemptuous of humans and believing them to be nothing more than food and slaves. Caine was saddened by this but said nothing, his eyes rising to the steadily darkening sky. Soon after, the Great Flood poured through the lands and tore Enoch apart.

 Caine and his brood survived, their bodies already too resilient to be destroyed so easily. As the floodwaters vanished, Caine was again overcome with despair and fled into solitude. His brood searched for him, finally coming upon him after some time. He announced that the Deluge was punishment for returning to the cycle of life and participating in the existence of mankind. He ordered his brood to leave him to his contemplations. They did so and set forth to create a new city, declaring to the children of Noah that they were the new rulers of mankind. Each of the thirteen children of the Enoch, Zillah, and Irad created their own brood in a vain attempt to bring glory back to their growing race. It was then that the children of the Three rebelled against their sires and slew them before fleeing into the world.

 Years passed before they would reunite to form the Second City, which some believe to be what is called Babylon. Mankind worshipped them as gods, though they were corrupt and vain. They continued to create their own broods, which would become the 13 Kindred clans. They feared, however, that the prophecies of Uriel, that childer would turn on sire, convinced them to ban any but the 13 Antediluvians (those 13 that were sired before the Great Flood) from siring any others. This rule was not heeded as the Cainite race fell farther and farther into decadence and darkness, with the result culminating in a death, the betrayal of the Brujah Antediluvian by his own childe. A war erupted, the Antediluvians fled, and the Second City was destroyed as was many of the Cainites that had grown weak over the millennia.

 It was then that the Antediluvians hid themselves and built bases of power to conduct a war upon each other. Called the Jyhad, this war is waged behind the scenes of Kindred society as those ancients that still exist try to kill their enemies while keeping themselves safe for the darkness that is yet to come: Gehenna, the Last Night.

Modern day Kindred are seeing their world on the brink of Gehenna, when all of the Antediluvians are supposedly to awaken from torpor and begin a feast upon their weaker progeny. The existence of the 15th Generation, the Thin Bloods, is also a terrifying fact. The Thin Bloods, those just created in the last 50 years, are so far removed from Caine that they cannot bond others or create childer of their own.

 The Jyhad is winding down towards an end, be it for good or evil. Those Antediluvians still in slumber are now awakening, their minds stretching out to those loyal and those unaware of their existence alike. Only Caine can possibly know the outcome of the coming years and he isnít telling.

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