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Generations are how distant a Cainite is from Caine himself. As such, those of lower Generation share more of the powerful blood of Caine than do those of higher Generation. Caine is considered First Generation.


Second Generation: The Lost Ones- The three childer of Caine. They sired the Antediluvians and were later killed by them after the Great Flood.


Third Generation: The Antediluvians- These men and women are the founders of the original 13 clans, though there is one notable Second Generation who diablerized a true Antediluvian for the right of Second Generation: Tremere, founder of the Tremere clan. It is some of these most powerful creatures that truly direct the Jyhad in preparation for Gehenna while others are attempting to stop their brethrenís machinations.


Fourth & Fifth Generation: The Methuselahs- The pawns of the Antediluvians. The Inner Circle of the Camarilla is mostly made up of Fourth Generation Methuselahs. The Inconnu is chiefly made up of those Methuselahs that have tired of being manipulated, fear for their lives, or have attained Golconda. Very few Methuselahs remain active; most are in torpor or dead.


Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Generation: The Elders- Princes, Primogen, Leaders. These are the nobility of the Cainite race. They believe they are the leaders of the Kindred, yet they are pawns almost to a man. They therefore take whatever power they can get and exert it over the younger Generations.


Ninth & Tenth Generation: The Ancillae- Sired in the couple centuries before the modern nights, these are still powerful creatures. They generally serve as the go-betweens for elders and neonates.


Eleventh, Twelfth, & Thirteen Generation: The Neonates- Born within the last hundred years, these are the most common group of Cainites to interact with for the rest of civilization. Though considerably weaker than their elders, they can still do some destruction.


Fourteen & Fifteenth Generation: The Thinbloods- So distant from Caine, these creatures are an enigma to their elders. They display almost no Disciplines whatsoever and those of the Fifteenth Generation are incapable of siring or creating blood bonds. There have been certain predictions that speak of a Thinblood called the Last Daughter of Eve that may have certain ramifications with Gehennaís coming.


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