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Clan Ventrue


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Veddartha/TORPOR


Clan History: Dedicated to freeing the Cainite race from unseen shackles held by the Antediluvians, the Ventrue are the martyrs and leaders of the Kindred. They have extensive sources designed to track Antediluvians and stop their machinations.


Suave and smooth, the Ventrue use everything within their means to make things run as smooth as possible, be it intimidation, murder, or seduction.


Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence


Clan Advantage: Being businessmen and leaders, the Ventrue are respected members of the Camarilla. Ventrue get a point in Resources that may never be removed, as well as a point in Finance, High Society, or Political Influence.


The Ventrue keep records on every member of their clan. Because of this, it is nearly impossible for others to infiltrate the clan for whatever purpose.


Clan Weakness: The Ventrue are required to follow a strict diet of blood from a specific ethnic and cultural group (young Italian women, middle-aged stockbrokers, etc.). Any attempt to consume other blood results in it being vomited forcefully.


This does not apply to Kindred blood or the short time it takes to sire a new vampire.


Bloodlines: There are no specific offshoot bloodlines in the Ventrue. Ventrue antitribu in the Sabbat believe their clan has failed in repulsing Antediluvian control and let the Jyhad continue. They thus are very passionate and dedicated to seeking out ways to battle the Jyhad and the Antediluvians behind it.