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Clan Tzimisce


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Mekhet/ACTIVE (Believed dead)


Clan History: The Tzimisce do not believe themselves to be Cainites, but something evolved and as much different from Kindred as Kindred are to mortals. Because of this belief in their superiority, they are extremely cold and inhuman beings capable of incredible monstrous acts of violence. They are considered the most feared of the clans because of their inhumanity.


The clan's pride and joy, Vicissitude, comes to them as the means to "evolve" out of vampirism and become gods amongst demons. Unfortunately, there is a corrupting factor to the Discipline that often drives practitioners insane or make them simply vanish from their crumbling castle keeps.


Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Vicissitude


Clan Advantage: The Tzimisce are extremely knowledgeable in the realms of the supernatural. Up until the formation of Clan Tremere, they were the foremost vampire sorcerers.


During the Anarch Revolt, the younger members of the clan overthrew their elders and stepped forth to form the Sabbat with Clan Lasombra. Those elders that survived call themselves Old Clan Tzimisce.


Clan Weakness: The Tzimisce are tied to their homeland. Because of these, they need at least two handfuls of their native land's soil in their place of rest in order to sleep properly during the daylight hours. If they do not, they sleep very poorly and begin to take damage from it on a nightly basis.


Bloodlines: Old Clan Tzimisce, made up of chiefly Methuselahs and elders, train in Dominate instead of Vicissitude. An especially vicious bloodline, the Bratovich Tzimisce, train in Potence instead of Auspex, but they also suffer from a consuming rage much like the Brujah. Finally, there are a group of powerful vampires called the koldun who train in Thaumaturgy instead of Vicissitude, though they find it difficult to bend the blood magics to their will.


Almost no Tzimisce exist in the Camarilla, due to their universal contempt towards the stagnating sect.