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Clan Ravnos


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Ravana (Ravnos)/DEAD


Clan History: With believes radically different from those of the other clans, the Ravnos are very rare, almost a bloodline. Only about a hundred Ravnos exist currently. The reason for this seems to have to do with the reawakening of Ravana, who went on a cannibalistic rampage before being killed by others. This sparked a wave of madness similar to the one that affects Clan Malkavian except it was largely suicidal and it was temporary.


As a clan, Ravnos is dedicated to unveiling the truth and giving the Cainite race a chance to reclaim its place on the karmic wheel, whether this be with goofy tricks or violence.


Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude


Clan Advantage: Because the Ravnos are seen as a clan of goofs and tricksters, they are able to get out of trouble when others would be in big trouble for pulling off pranks. Additionally, they get a level of streetwise for free and a level in Street or Transportation Influence.


Clan Weakness: Ravnos are addicted to crime. As such, they find it extremely difficult to resist committing their favorite signature form of it.


Bloodlines: There are a few families within Clan Ravnos that train differently than the others. The Phuri Dae Ravnos train in Auspex instead of Fortitude while the Urmen focus almost entirely in Chimerstry.