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Clan Nosferatu


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Absimilliard (Ninmug)/UNKNOWN


Clan History: Standing on the edge of society and peering in, the Nosferatu have the stealth and skill to learn a lot of things while hiding in the shadows. A great source of information, all intelligence princes have at least one Nosferatu on his payroll.


The Nosferatu know they are cursed, but most have very good senses of humor regardless of that fact.


Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence


Clan Advantage: Nosferatu are very good at hiding and skulking through the sewers and alleyways of cities. They get a free point in both Stealth and Survival.


Clan Weakness: Ugly as sin as deformed to match. Covered in patches of scales, warts, and other unsettling features. Because of this, no Nosferatu can seduce or entice others whatsoever.


Bloodlines: There are no real bloodlines, but Camarilla and Sabbat Nosferatu do remain cordial with each other.