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Clan Malkavian


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Malkav/TORPOR


Clan History: There really isnít much known about Clan Malkavian. Kindred mythology suggests Caine cursed several of the Antediluvians for killing those of the Second Generation and cursed Malkav with insanity for being a part of the murders.


All in all, Clan Malkavian is the most mysterious of the clans and will probably remain that way for the years to come.


Clan Disciplines: Dementation, Auspex, Obfuscate


Clan Advantage: The Malkavians seem to be aware of things sane individuals pass by. They can pick up bits of knowledge from seemingly nowhere and use it in ways that others find insightful and useful. Because of this, all Malkavians gain a point in Awareness.


Additionally, many Malkavians seem to be a part of some unseen telepathic group that allows them to silently pass along rumors and knowledge.


Clan Weakness: All Malkavians are incurably insane. Because of this, the player is required to pick a Derangement and play their character with that Derangement always present.


Bloodlines: Malkavian antitribu in the Sabbat are notoriously twisted monsters. Because of their willingness to cause death and mayhem, they have two Derangements instead of just one. Additionally, there are a small group of Malkavians in the Camarilla that are trained in Dominate instead of Dementation, though they are very rare.