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Clan Lasombra


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Lucien (Lasombra)/DEAD (killed by his own clan)


Clan History: In the centuries past, Clan Lasombra was considered a respective clan devoted to honor and obligation and maintaining a tight rein on the younger members. Perhaps it was because of this that the younger members and a few of the elders killed their Antediluvian during the Anarch Revolt in a story of a Methuselah betraying his own lord.


In the years after the Anarch Revolt, Clan Lasombra met up with Clan Tzimisce and several groups of antitribu from other clans and they decided to form a new sect dedicated to fighting the Camarilla. The Sabbat was thus formed, with Clan Lasombra and Clan Tzimisce afforded the positions of leadership.


Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Obtenebration, Presence


Clan Advantage: As master manipulators, Lasombra get a point of Influence in the church, political, or underworld arenas. They're also the largest and strongest clan in the Sabbat.


Clan Weakness: Lasombra do not show up in reflective mirrors, photographs, or black-and-white film. Additionally, sunlight does extra damage to them.


Bloodlines: About a hundred Lasombra are part of the Camarilla. Nearly all of them are elders and all are very respected by the rest of the Camarilla. Clan Lasombra works hard to destroy these antitribu when the opportunity arises.