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Clan Giovanni


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Augustus Giovanni/ACTIVE


Clan History: Clan Cappadocian, one of the original 13 clans, decided to expand their power into the underworld during the Dark Ages. They set their gaze upon a family of Italian dark sorcerers and quickly turned them. The Giovanni, ripped from their mortal sorcerous ways, was forced to learn new ways to raise the spirits of the dead. They managed to do so many centuries later even while hiding their abilities from their Cappadocian elders.


Augustus Giovanni ordered his family to use their newfound powers upon their repressive elders. A war lasting a hundred years found the end of one clan and the founding of another. In return for the end of the war, Augustus Giovanni promised the surviving members of Clan Cappadocian that Clan Giovanni would remain outside of Kindred politics. They have continued to do so to this day.


Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Potence


Clan Advantage: Clan Giovanni is extremely rich and rewards loyal family members very well. All competent members of Clan Giovanni have large amounts of money and access to whatever they need. Clan loyalty is first and foremost, however.


Clan Weakness: The Kiss (or bite) of a Giovanni holds of pleasure to mortals. They can expect incredible pain and discomfort while the Giovanni feeds off of them. Additionally, each Blood Point taken deals even more damage to the mortal, killing them far quicker than usual.


Bloodlines: There are no Giovanni antitribu whatsoever. Every member of Clan Giovanni is loyal to family and patriarch, Augustus Giovanni himself.