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Clan Followers of Set (Settites)


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Set (Sutekh)/TORPOR


Clan History: The Followers of Set believe their father, Set, is more than a Cainite, he is a dark god and that he slumbers beneath the sands of Egypt. As a clan, the Settites are obsessed in an effort to awaken their master, who is destined to shadow the world in darkness.


The Settites are carefully neutral in all sect affairs yet are becoming wealthy just by observing and selling their information for a good price. They believe the Jyhad is a foolish struggle by their master's weak contemporaries.


Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis


Clan Advantage: Talented in subtle manipulation of mortals and immortals alike and usually have some streetwise knowledge and influence in the politic, underworld, or street arenas. As a clan, they are dedicated to raising Set and share their resources accordingly.


Clan Weakness: Extremely sensitive to bright light. Sunlight deals extra damage while artificial lights nauseate and otherwise distract the Settites.


Bloodlines: A faction of Settite antitribu called the Serpents of the Light are members of the Sabbat. Other Settites have trained in Potence instead of Obfuscate in order to serve as the army of the Settite elders. A small heretical group in the Caribbean have replaced their worship of Egyptology for that of voodoo.