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Clan Brujah


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Brujah/DEAD (Diablerized by his childer Troile)


Clan History: Once considered a mighty clan that loved battle and knowledge equally, they have lost much of their prestige due to the undercurrent of directionless rage that pervades them all. Knowledge is no longer respected as it once was even though most Brujah still find some knowledge useful from time to time.


Largely stereotyped by other clans as punks and rebels, they are still a major driving force in the Camarilla while antitribu find the Sabbat a place waiting with open arms. Their rage, if directed properly, makes the Brujah very formidable.


Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence


Clan Advantage: The Brujah have tremendous solidarity (when trouble comes, the Brujah stick together) and knowledgeable in politics, the street, and academics. They also tend to have influence in the political, street, and academic arenas.


Clan Weakness: Easy to anger and hard to calm. Brujah find it more difficult to resist frenzy than other clans.


Bloodlines: For the most part, Brujah are the same regardless of what sect they are a part of. Ironically enough, the Brujah are also make up the largest portion within the Anarch sect.