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Clan Assamite


Clan Antediluvian/Status: Hassan I Sabbah (Assam-Hashshan al-Safa; Hashsan ibn Canan; Haqim; the Old Man)/ACTIVE


Clan History: The Assamite clan believe themselves the enemy of Khayyin (Caine) and Khayyin’s descendents. As such, they work fiercely to slay or convert others when there is no risk of having their motives discovered.


During the Dark Age, the Assamite clan warred fiercely against the elders of the others clans. Because of this, the Camarilla surrounded and ruthlessly attacked the Assamite clan and defeated them. In that moment, the most powerful elders of the Tremere came forth and created a curse upon the Assamite clan as a whole. From that day on, all Assamites were incapable of consuming Cainite blood.


Unable to raise their Generation through diablerie, the Assamites were forced to create a magical potion that used Cainite blood as a regnant. In order to supply the large amounts of blood needed for each potion, the clan hired themselves out as assassins and bodyguards in return for vampiric blood as payment. A 10 percent blood tithe was sent to the elders after each job.


This curse ended recently with the reawakening of an Assamite elder who overturned the curse, reawakening the cannibalistic urges within all Assamites and even more, the clan as a whole as been redirected towards the worship of older gods. Previously honor-bound and obligated to following the doctrines of Islam, they are now  dedicated to fulfilling their desire for Cainite blood.


Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus


Clan Advantage: Trained in weapons use and martial arts. May have large quantities of weapons close at hand.


Clan Weakness: Hunger for Cainite blood & possible addiction to a specific vampire's blood (a blood bond is possible from consuming the vampire's blood too many times.)


Bloodlines: Sabbat and Camarilla antitribu exist(though they are quite rare. The Sabbat Assamites were not affected by the Tremere curse.

Additionally, there are Assamite viziers that have trained in Thaumaturgy instead of Celerity, though they are penalized because of their imperfect knowledge and must spend an extra Blood Point to complete their spells. It is assumed that these are the elders than managed to dispel the Tremere curse.