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Cainite Character Creation


The following is the full character creation process for the Cainite species. There is both character concept and actual abilities and powers to consider during this process, both of which will be part of the following approved guidelines.


Character Concept: This is the first thing a player must consider. What kind of person will your vampire be? Will she be a warrior, a scholar, or just someone looking for their place in existence? Think about what you expect from your character and try to mold it to your style of roleplaying.


The following is what is required for your Cainite character. This will be a blank list followed by an explanation for each area. Each portion of the character creation process will be broken up for ease of explanation.







Morality Path:


Name: Your character's name. Please consider your character's ethnicity when considering this.


Clan: One of the 13 clans and the available bloodlines. Please keep an eye out for any posts or updates and keep in mind that certain bloodlines might have some sort of restriction placed on them due to past events.


Generation: Generation is how much of Caine's blood flows through your veins. The default Generation is 10th or Higher. You may purchase Lower Generation as a Background in order to drop your Generation. You may choose this Background multiple times (3 Free Traits per 1 Background). Lower Generation means more Blood Traits and Willpower Traits.


Nature: This is the true face of your character. Though all people are more complicated than this, the Nature is the driving force behind your character's motivations and desires. If you desire to keep this portion of your character hidden from the player community, simply note so and send your character's Nature to a Storyteller. A list of Archetypes for your character's Nature can be found here.


Demeanor: This is the public facade of your character. This may be changed depending on events and emotions. The list of Demeanors is the same as that for Nature.


Morality Path: The Morality Paths available can be found here. They are the bridge upon which the Cainites tread in order to maintain their sanity and fight off the hunger of their Inner Beast. The default Path is the Path of Humanity.



Character Capabilities: Your character has abilities and skills that set him apart from others in his race and clan. These are inborn and are due to both genetics and environment.






Attributes: Your character's born talents. These come in three areas: Physical, Mental, and Social. You choose in which order to prioritize them. You get 7 Traits in your main Attribute, 5 in your secondary Attribute, and 3 in your tertiary Attribute.


Traits: Traits are individual physical, mental, and social abilities that you can pick in order to enhance rp (whether peaceful or otherwise). These can be found here and should be considered during your roleplaying.



Character Advantages: Knowledge and power must both be worked for and waited for, in the case of Cainites. This portion of the character creation process involves your character’s knowledge and her vampiric abilities.






Abilities: These are indicators of your character's schooling, training, and skills picked up from life experiences. They play an active role in your character's life and should be considered carefully. You may spread five points into your Abilities (five one point Abilities, one five point ability, etc.). They can be found here.


Disciplines: These are the schools of vampiric powers that have developed for the Cainite race. Camarilla, Independent, and Caitiff vampires may choose three Disciplines while Sabbat vampires may choose four. Remember that clans have three chosen Disciplines. Unless the Storyteller agrees otherwise, these are the only three you may select. Caitiff vampires may have three of the common Disciplines: Potence, Celerity, Auspex, Fortitude, Dominate, Presence, Obfuscate, and Animalism. All starting Cainites gain the first ability in their Disciplines. They may be found here:


Backgrounds: These are resources, organizations, and agencies that your character has an influence in. Please keep in mind that your character must have a plausible reason for having his backgrounds. The Storytellers ask that you keep starting Backgrounds down to 3 Traits. Camarilla and Independent Cainites may have 5 Backgrounds while Sabbat Cainites start with none unless they are purchased with Free Traits.



Last Touches:  These are the last bits you must add to your character in order for combat and other roleplay situations to take place. Please be truthful when you come up with the information for this portion, as the Storytellers will look here closely.


Blood Traits:

Willpower Traits:

Virtue Traits:

Negative Traits and Flaws:


Free Traits:




Blood Traits: The amount of blood your character can carry in her body. This blood is burned to wake up at night or fuel Disciplines. Your character's Generation affects the number of Blood Traits your character can store. You can find the Generational Chart here.


Willpower Traits: Willpower is what drives your character when all else fails, from the temptations that bombard the mind nightly. Self-preservation is part and parcel with willpower, as well as resisting certain magical abilities and attempting to do certain tasks with a renewed vigor. Your character's Willpower Traits are dependent on his Generation. You have permanent Willpower, the limit of your Willpower Traits, and you usable (or temporary) Willpower, which you may spend for the following:


One Willpower Trait = Refresh your Social, Physical, or Mental abilities

One Willpower Trait = Resist mental magics

One Willpower Trait = Control yourself while in Frenzy for one round.

One Willpower Trait = Ignore extreme injuries and resist Torpor for one round.

One Willpower Trait = Suppress one Derangement for a scene.


Some Disciplines require the character to spend Willpower to fuel them.


You regain one Willpower Trait during a meditation post or when your character is resting in a safe location.


Virtue Traits: The temptation to commit evil is restrained by Virtue Traits. In order to resist the Beast and the curses of vampirism, the following categories are used: Conscience/Conviction, Self-Control/Instinct, and Courage. You get seven points to spend among these three areas. Your character also gets Morality Traits, which signify her connection to her chosen mortality and combating the Beast. Your character's Mortality Trait total is your Conscience/Conviction and Self-Control/Instinct added and averaged (Conscience/Conviction and Self-Control/Instinct added then divided by 2) then rounded up. You may give up 1 Morality Trait for 2 Free Traits, but this Trait is forever gone. Once your character loses his last Mortality Trait, he immediately enters Wassail, the Final Frenzy, and is no longer playable.


Conscience/Conviction- How devoted your character is to her chosen Path of Morality.

The more points placed here, the more remorse you feel for evil acts and the harder it is for the Beast to rip away your morality.


Courage-How well your character can fight Rotschreck. More points placed here make it easier to resist the panic that fire and sunlight cause.


Self-Control/Instinct- How well your character can guide or resist frenzy. More points make it easier for you to resist hunger, rage, or frenzy.


Negative Traits: Weaknesses and shortcomings to your character. Each Negative Trait taken means one Free Trait to be used later, up to 5 Negative Traits/Free Traits, though it is suggested you spread your Negative Traits around in Physical, Mental, and Social. You can find the list of Negative Traits here.


Derangements: Various forms of mental instability. A derangement equals two Negative Traits and thus two Free Traits. All characters except for Malkavians may pick only one derangement. Malkavians may pick one extra derangement other than their base one. Be warned, you'll be expected to rp out your character's derangement, failure to do so may make things interesting. You can find the list of Derangements here.


Flaws: Deficiencies and drawbacks common to many people. You may select up to seven points in Flaws if your character is 10th Generation or higher. Kindred 9th Generation and lower may select one additional point of Flaw per Generation. You can find the list of Flaws here.


Free Traits: Because each Kindred is unique, you may tailor him or her as you wish. In an effort to assist in this, each starting character is given five Free Traits (before Free Traits from Flaws, Derangements, removing a Mortality Trait, and Negative Traits are added). You may spend Free Traits to improve in areas and so forth. The breakdown is:


One Free Trait = One additional Attribute Trait

One Free Trait = One additional Ability Trait

One Free Trait = One specialization in an Ability Trait (one specialization per Ability Trait only)

One Free Trait = One additional Background Trait

Two Free Traits = One additional Virtue Trait

Three Free Traits = One additional Mortality Trait

Three Free Traits = One additional Willpower Trait (see Generational Chart)

Three Free Traits = First ability in an additional Discipline or next ability in an existing Discipline


Merits can be purchased at the cost listed with each one posted.


Merits: Special abilities and skills far above the norm and very rare among Cainite society. Vampires of 10th Generation or higher may purchase seven Free Traits worth of Merits. Vampires of 9th Generation or lower may purchase one point of Merit per Generation. You can find the list of Merits here.



Sample Character Creation:


Name: Philip Le'Bue

Clan: Toreador

Generation: 8th

Sect: Camarilla

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Morality Path: Humanity (4)

Attributes: S/M/P

Traits: Social- Elegant, Friendly, Genial, Magnetic, Seductive, Witty, Charismatic

Mental- Attentive, Creative, Clever, Insightful, Wily

Physical- Energetic, Graceful, Tireless

Abilities: Etiquette (3), Subterfuge (2),

Disciplines: Celerity (1), Auspex (3), Presence (1)

Backgrounds: Lower Generation (2x), Contacts (3x),

Blood Traits: 15/3

Willpower Traits: 6/12

Virtue Traits:

Self Control/Instinct- 4

Courage- 2

Conscience/Conviction- 1

Negative Traits: Delicate

Flaws: None

Derangements: None


Free Traits: 6  (5 Free Traits + 1 Negative Trait)

6 = Auspex (from 1 to 3)


History: Philip was born in Paris in the early 1920's to a pair of talented artists and doomed to the poorer parts of the town because of it. He never exhibited the skill to paint, so he instead chose to become an educated man and take to high society. He managed to become a scribe in the house of a rich merchant, eventually catching the attention of the merchant's friend, Louis De'Myn. Unknown to Philip, his employer was the ghoul of a vampire.


Monsieur De'Myn chose Philip to be his latest childer and use him in a way few in Paris had before: as a spy. Philip was infused with the Toreador's blood just months after meeting and the training began with several Camarilla vampires, all friends of De'Myn.


These days Philip works for the prince of New York City, his attentive eyes forever looking in the shadows while he puts on the facade of a typical Toreador socialite.


Appearance: Average height, blonde hair and blue eyes. Considered somewhat attractive but far less so than most Toreadors. He usually wears a tailored suit and speaks with an New England or New York accent, though he sometimes reverts to his French accent during times on intense stress.