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the house that sarah built.

actually, i didn't build it. i rent it.


this is my backyard. those are my parents. the wierd rockyparts to the right are actually stairs to another terrace of lawn. which needs to be watered. badly.

this is the kitchen and the first room you see when you walk in the back door, not counting the laundry alcove. it's a nice enough kitchen, except the tile has a wierd ridge along the edge that makes it inpossible to sweep anything off of it, unless you sweep it into the sink.

the oven, some bowls, and the pot my roomate burnt rice to. i don't think it can be salvaged.

the odd hole in the wall faces the kitchen. against the back wall is my yggdrasil painting, which isn't finished. the picture was taken in the dining room.

here's the dining room [sort of] and the big window facing the driveway.

the living room, complete with big-ass windows. it's a pretty big room, but we don't really have anything in it right now.

fireplaces! i like fireplaces. the paint around it isn't really that ugly... it's the same darkish pinky color as one big wall in the kitchen and dining room.

this is my room. it's a mess, though the mess is mainly books and art supplies. sort of. i didn't paint that picture.

more of my room! that's nox. he's big.

yet more room, complete with yet more useless junk.

the bigass front door and bigass front window. it opens up into the living room. not really exciting.

the house has 3 bedrooms total, but i didn't take a picture of either of them because they're either occupied or boring. it also bas a bathroom, which is also boring, and, really... who wants to see a bathroom? got a nice shower curtain, though...

- s.