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What the Hell?!

(what the Hellfire Network is about)

To be honest, that is a little hard to nail down. Ideally, we are a medium through which persons who consider themselves members of the Left Hand Path (a term which variously applies to a vast number of philosophies) or interested parties can connect and exchange ideas. Toward that goal we wish to establish on on-line "resource center", covering as many topics as we can.

Obviously, this cannot be the extent of our activities. Providing information would make us little better than a library, although a rather ecentric one at best! The local Hellfire Club is a loose cabal of associated LHPers who gather regularly and frequently communicate with one another on all manner of topics; philosophy, politics, entertainment, science, art, et al. Our local focus is in the exploration of ritual magick and psych/sociology as means to improving our individual life-styles. It would be interesting to see not only a broad interest in the web-ended function of the network, but to also establish through our members a number of Hellfire Clubs and Black Houses throughout the nation.

As we develop and grow, so will our ambitions. Eventually a "model" will be designed for the purpose of replication of others. We welcome any interested parties to explore that interest and get involved!