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Resource Experts

(or a relative equivalent)

The following list is of members who have volunteered a part of their time to act as resources on certain topics. They are our "experts", in otherwords they are well versed in their particular topics or are interested enough to seek out answers to questions in their fields from resources they trust. Simply email them directly with questions about topics listed in their brief profiles. They should respond within the week.

The only thing we ask is that after you have recieved assistance from one of the "experts", you email Jason Faust with a rating of their help, on a scale of 1-5, five being exceedingly helpful and 1 being no help at all. The Hellfire Network tracks the scores, refreshing them monthly, thus letting other users of this service know just how helpful the assistance might be.

If you are a member and interested in acting as a resource, please email Jason Faust. He will provide for you instructions and clue you into our rewards program.

Lilith: Lilith is a Satanic Witch, and dares any who doubt the verasity of her claim to challenge her on it! Her focus is on feminine issues; particularly empowerment through eroticism and sexuality. Lilith is also bi-sexual and active in local and national Gay/Lesbian/Bi politics as well as a number of other "alternate lifestyle" organizations. She tries to open a few eyes as well as turn a few heads.

Satanism 90%

Womens' Issues 95%

Sexual Expression 98%

Gay/Lesbian Politics and Society 98%

Goddess and the Left (Lilith Focus) 98%

Ego Diabolus: Artist, Satanist, philosopher, anarchistic social engineer, Ego wears many hats. His advise can be sarcastic, cynical, and brutally honest, but he also proves to be insightful and instructive. You can never be certain what your going to get from the Hellfire Network's favorite Satanist. A student of the works of LaVey, Dali, Giger, Hoffman, Leery, Crowely and others.

Art 95%

Satanism 98%

Social-Engineering and the Left 98%

Politics 95%