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Hey Wellcome To My site Yup I Know Ur Thinking Hmmm This Is Crap Well It Tuck Me long Cuz I'm A Dumbass Anyway You Would Not Be Reading If It Was Not For Allister/Alliabee She Told Me How To Make Layouts And Wat Have Yeh THANKS DUDE u rock..Anyway Erm on this site u will find out loads of stuff about my friends me and who i love (Craig) Yummm and u can see some of the prezzies my groovy friends made for me (if u want to make one for me go ahead)

about the layouts

If You Dont Like The Layouts Here G-mail Me And I Will MAke a requested One For you, If Ur A dumbass Like Me And Dont No What That Means Than I Will Tell You Lol G-mail Me Saying How Many Box's What Colours And btw Since Im Thick I Cant Cut Up Pictures So Ask Kaylz- Cuz She Has a great Site Of All Cool Picture Layouts Anyway I Will Shut Up Now Since Im Blabbering On Remember Im Sock And These Are My Layouts (sorry about the end i wanted to sound like a news reporter (dont ask) lol)....Layouts