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Mission Statement

The Harvard credo is: “The best way to predict your future is to create it ” signifying that one’s goals are achievable through their positive actions.


About Harvard


Harvard Securities is an asset management and property advisory practice from which it earns fees for service income from property buyers and sellers – (see Services Guide).

The company has placed and manages over $500 million in properties with clients.

It has offices in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The principals of Harvard have a combined 56 years of residential property experience and direct lineage in real estate practice of over twenty years.

Harvard is committed to long-term relationships with it's clients. Harvard generates its income from asset management fees resulting from the day- to- day management of its client’s property portfolios and the transacting of real estate on behalf of its client principals.

The Harvard investment philosophy is not to promote speculative real estate investment from short-term real estate positions. Harvard's real estate philosophy is based on long-term holdings.

Real estate, like other forms of investment, carries an element of risk. Harvard does not promote or recommend real estate investment for periods of less than 7-10 years, which may preclude short-term recovery of the entry and exit costs, associated with direct property investment and which can result in capital diminution.

Harvard recognizes that past performance may not necessarily be an indicator of future gain and hence believes in long term horizons as required by real estate’s 7-10 year cycles of recent decades.

Harvard holds licences to advise and transact real estate in the state of Victoria pursuant to the Estate Agents Act.

The companies are licenced to maintain public monies trust accounts and are trustees of securities registers as prescribed by the Estate Agents Act.

The company is subject to regular statutory audits of their trust accounts by appointed registered auditors in compliance with the State Act pursuant to their granted licences, which permit the companies to transact real estate on behalf of the public in return for fee income.

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