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Simple Moments...From Fr. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD
Remember the story of a poor and a rich man who were shipwrecked together?
Who do you think survived?
The poor man survived because his hands were free,
while the rich man drowned because he held on
and would not let go of his two bags so full of money and pieces of jewelry.
If only he gave one of his bags to the poor man...
but no selfish as he was,he held on to his riches and wealth
down to his watery grave.
If only he gave one of his bags he could have helped a poor man,
and he could have saved his life,he could have even save his soul...

I know a couple who used to quarrel hard and long.
Not anymore.You know what helped them?The rosary.They got tired of quarreling
over the same things over and over again,so they made a decision that
whenever they are in quarreling situation,theyd just stop,and pray the rosary.
At first the Hail Marys and the Holy Marys would come out loud and angry,
but as theyd go on,they realized that Mama Mary is around,so they cool down.
After one rosary,they are calm,and can talk nice to each other again.
And when they are not talking to each other in the car or in the room,
they break the silent treatment by praying the rosary.
Try it.
It works.

An e-mail message entitled..A Thanksgiving Thought.. reminds us to count our blessings.
Consider this: If you have food,clothes,and a home, you are richer than 75% of this world;
If you have some money in the bank,you are among the top 8% of the worlds wealthy;
If you woke up healthy this morning,you are more blessed than one million who will
not survive this week;
If you have experienced peace and freedom,you are ahead of 500 million people in the world;
If you can read this message you are more blessed than over two billion people who can not read at all.
So,blessed are you!
So,thank God for your blessings and go share your blessings!

What is the bottom line?
The bottom line is when you are there lying in the coffin
and people will come to see you for the last time.
What will people remember about you...?
What will your family and loved ones feel and remember about you...?
Finally,what will your God and Creator say to you when you come face to face with Him?
That is the very bottom line.
Nothing else follows.

Did you hear about this guy who was good in giving instant remedies
and palliatives in solving problems?
His cows would not eat brown grass because of the drought.
What did he do?
He put green sunglasses on the cows.
Problem Solved!
He always forgets his driving eyeglasses,so what did he do?
He had the whole windshield graded.
Problem solved!

God really knows how and when to lift us up.
I was feeling low,tired,discouraged and dissapointed.
Then,out of the blue,I received this text message in my cellphone which read:
..When you are down to nothing
Be asssured that God
Is up to something..

When was the last time you gave a flower to a loved one?
Why is it that we usually wait for a person to die before we give flowers?
Nice,but sayang.Its really a pity to see all those beautiful flowers just go to waste,
when in fact they would have been so welcomed and so appreciated
by that person when he/she was still alive.
Little things mean a lot.Love them now while they are still alive.
Do not postpone your loving.Do not wait for the grave..
As the line of poem says:..Id rather have one blossom,one flower from you now
than a truckload when Im dead!..

The story is told about a mother who saw her daughter imitating the
ugly face of their bulldog.
Stop that,she scolded her.
Mom,he started it!was the little girls reply!
Lord,instead of being influenced,let me influence the world for the better
in my own little way,Amen.

Have you seen a person so engrossed with text messaging in his cellphone?
That is the exact picture of so many of us,so busy with our own world,
totally unmindful of people around us,and insensitive to the strings of the divine within
and above us.Likewise,a person so caught up with this small screen must learn to look up
so that he can see the big picture.

Here is a parable I heard,about an old mule
that fell on a deep dry well.As it was impossible to lift it up,the farmer decided
to bury it right there and then.Together with his neighbors,they started filling up
the well with soil and dirt.At first,the mule became hysterical but it soon
discovered that everytime soil and dirt would fall on its back,he could
shake it off and step up,until the well was full.Exhausted but happy,the mule finally
stepped over the well and walked amidst the cheering crowd.

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