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Character Profile The Wife of Bath The Wife of Bath was an experienced character, especially in areas of sexual matters and marriage. She was widowed or divorced five times, and indeed was at least partially expecting a sixth husband. “Welcome the sixth whenever come he shall.” (Prologue) She was also an interesting character in the way that she questions the importance of polygamy and virginity until after marriage, going to the point of mentioning biblical figures had multiple wives (Lamech, Abraham, Jacob, and King Soloman were mentioned by name), and also pointing out that the apostle who spoke of the importance of virginity had no orders from the Almighty and had not received any sort of commandment from Him. The Wife’s Tale shows us that she was a more dominant person in a relationship, and felt that a man should defer to wisdom and advice when he does not truly know what he is doing. She implied that without a woman’s guidance, he will succumb to his baser instincts. Her Tale did not have much humor in it, but she seemed to be trying to teach that, once again, men are idiotic without women, as showed in the fact that in the tale, until the knight had thought of just asking a woman what they really wanted, he had thought that he was going to be executed for raping that woman. Only when he had really accepted that things would just be better for him if he just follows his wife’s advice. This is proved when he had left the final decision of just what he wanted for a wife to the old woman, whether he wanted an old woman who was devoted to him, or take his chances on a young woman who he did not know what she would do, she had decided to reward him by becoming a young woman who was devoted to him. This tales entertainment value at in this time would probably not be as interesting as it would be when it was written, as we, as a generation, are both desensitized and more thoroughly educated then people were back then. When this tale was made, however, the impact of this tale would be considerably greater. The more uneducated people would presumably have been amused at the mention of the fairies, and all classes of people would have been shocked at the rape of the maiden by the knight. The parts of King Authur and the search would have kept the listeners interested in the tale. The marriage of the knight to the old woman would have disgusted them, as it did me, and the old woman turning into a young woman would have intrigued them. The Wife of Bath was not how your typical was not supposed to be back then. She questions some values most would consider normal, and she was more outgoing then some woman were.