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Signs From My Lovely Dorks of Nexus

Yes, my lovely dorks of Nexus are too hot and too extravagant to leave unnoticed.

Yet another reason why you should be on Nexus if you aren't.

Yes this is a Tribute to them. Oh how my heart is sicklied over with the stain of love.

Please this is as sweet as it's going to get!

<3Brent<3 a.k.a CFCBrent

Yes this is my dearest Brent.

We don't talk ever...but he made me a picture and I promised to love him.

See what happens when you tell lies, but must fulfill them because karma fucks you in the ass too many times. And simply because I couldn't do anything but love him.

<3Tim<3 a.k.a xfalterx

-sigh- Oh Tim...

I love this kid. Always will. For real.

One day we will be together again, one day.

For now we are retarded pals!

<3Tim<3 a.k.a xfalterx

Oh dear Pat..

As long as you don't date my friends who have psychological problems and end up not becoming my friends...I will cherish you forever!

Oh too many laughs.

I plan to hump your leg soon!