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Me...Uncovered but Still Dressed.

17 raged, rabid, radiant female.
Attending the disgusting Jasper Place
Edmonton liver inner.
Taken by Forest (not kidding)
I enjoy meeting new dorks, or just new long as you aren't too normal! EW!
I love lipgloss, music, video games, and those who talk other than they are. (I do!) I love you till you give me the ammo for my gun!
I hate rap, thugs, girly girls, and so on and so forth.
Use this for msn or to Or you can visit me on Nexus fuck.herman is my name, and Herman is my game.

I suppose I could also say something totally amusing, and well put to win your attention, affection, and alacrity. But I won't, cause I don't care.

Hope you find some point in checking this page out.

I would add more, but there really isn't much to say.

If you really want to know my thoughts, goto That is me even more Uncovered, with more clothes on then possible.

Perhaps I will add more later.