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Hello, and greetings. :3 I cannot think of a lot to put here honestly other then the fact that when I get bored I do random thing such as make webpages or whatever.

This likely won't be anything special at all however, I do hope you enjoy the lovely coloration of the font. :3 I thought about putting a picture for you to stare at but that would be too easy perhaps..Nah..I might post up a story, however you steal my story...I will kill you. >=D That is..assuming I'd find out. :D I might not for the sake of my own scruples. I don't care if yours get lost in the process. :3

I have several things I do, one of which is do online things. Such as everwars. Never heard of it? I'll give you the link to it when I am done I guess. :3

I also go on forums. I am on a friend's forum that is called Asylum or some such. My friend is awesome.