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heylo welcome too my site, dont worry it aint nothing serious just me wasting my time n boring you :P *** A Bit About Moi.... My name is Laura...[ lauRAR, lolly, Lora [ grr ] loz... ] I'm from Ipswich and I lurve liserning to music n being with my mates **I love Rosey!! =) <-- *My Erotic Dancer n Wife o0o* ;);) I Like:- ** Buying Clothes, Tweenies, Cuddles / kisses, Makeup [ eyeliner ], Cord Trousours, Candles, Spongebob squarepants, my bessy mate Abbie =) Jewellery [ Rings ].. Guys With Long Hair -drowls-..Movies Revenge, Indie,Beavis n butthead,Sleeping ,Fairyies n Cromwell im 13...and people often tell me to shut sometimes i can be all happy n jolly shouting n randomly going round wearing tinsel dancing up and down the street with abbie..ray =D i'm single and yes it does sometimes get to me... but at the moment i dont have my eye on anyone so *shrugs* no worries ay? ive have made a couple of sites before on geocities n freewebs...but to be honest neither of them worked out well...and i dont reckon this one will either. like i said though it aint gonna be anything dont blame me if its rubbish...just be nice :P hmmm i aint done a page on angelfire really i dont really understand how to work it...but i will try my best to make it worth looking at! ** fingers crossed it will contain a bit more about me, a page about mucic n stuff about my friends :) any ways i hope you enjoy my really aint much...but meh...have fun =) ***