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Hotmail Hack

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I havent personally tested these but one of them is bound to work. Theyre not guranteed mind u!

There are 5 ways to hack a hotmail account, here they are!

(1)Use Telnet to connect to port 110 (Hotmail's Server). Type user and then the victim's username. Type Pass and then the guess a password. Repeat that until you have found the correct password.

(2)Get the username of the victim (It usually stands in the address-field) Then type " This only works if you are no the same network or computer as the victim and if he don't log out!

(3)Go to Hotmail's home page and get an account (If you dont already have one). Log out! Now type the victim's username. Look at the Source Code. On the fifth row, you should see "action=some address". Copy that address and paste it onto the address-field.

(4)Go to Hotmail's homepage. Copy the source code.

Make a new html file with the same code, but change the method=post to method=enter "view" the page. Change the address to't press enter!)

Make the victim type the username and password. Look at the address-field. There you'll see the password something...

(5)There aren't so many stupid people, well, just try it, ask them to go to their inbox and to copy and paste you the URL. Before You Start READ THESE DIRECTIONS FULLY.

Step 1 Enter the user ID of the person you wish to hack. Press the "submit" button.

Step 2 Open the HTML source of the document that appears. Find the section in the fifth line that looks like this: http:// number>/cgi-bin//start//

Step 3 Highlight that section, then press CTRL-C.

Step 4 Close the Source window. Now click in the "address" window of your browser. Press CTRL-V. Then press Enter. If the conditions are correct, you will see their Hotmail account on your screen. Final Thoughts (my apologies to Jerry Springer): If the person has used their Hotmail account in the past 2 hours (Hotmail automatically logs off after that), and forgotten to click the logoff button, you will be able to use their account. I am not responsible for anyone using this page for malicious purposes. If you decide to be stupid and do this, well, then, more power to ya. But have fun!!

==================== ====HotMail Hack======= ====================

This file is all about Hotmail free internet based e-mail and how to gain access to any account you want. (Well...almost). Anyways, I am not responsible for anything you do with the information in this file and all the rest of the preeching to do with illegal stuff.

You may redistribute this file AS IS, you may not change the file in any way without my written permission. This is the first file that I have written as a hacker and I did it for the group which I have just joined, "The United Underground" also known as "u2". Anyways...enuph of this boring junk and on with the fun stuff!!!!!

============== ==BACKGROUND=== ==============

First a little bit of explanation about hotmail for those of you who are constipated in the brain. Hotmail is, as I hope you know, a webased e-mail system. Which in turn means that it uses cgi-bin as a gateway to there local mashine where all the passwords are and e-mails are stored. Hotmail requires you to enter a login name on one page and a password on another, this is the first key to this hack. When in a Hotmail account there are many options you may choose such as reading mail deleting mail, changeing the interface and so on. The last option is the logout option, which is the second key to this hack. For this hack you must know the user name of your victim..err...subject. This is always the name in front of the @ in their e-mail address, so that is easily obtained. You must also be using a browser which enables you to view the source code for the page you are currently viewing. That is really it...So what's the catch you say? Well yes...there is a catch, and I'm sure as I study the system more closely it will become obsolete. But for now, your subject MUST be stupid enough to either forget, or not bother to logout once they are done in the system. THAT IS THE KEY TO THIS HACK!!!!!!

========== ==HOW TO=== ==========

Now for the steps of the hack......

step (1) The first step is to get the username of the subject and go to and login with that user name. Make sure you have typed the username exactly right because hotmail will not tell you if you have typed it incorrectly, they also log the IP's of people entering incorrect login names. step 2) It is now time to view the source code of the password page that you are on now. It should say in the URL box. Anyways, view the source for this page. Five lines down or so from the top of the source code page, it will say

That is a very important line....but before I tell you how to use that line, I'm going to side track for a little theory behind this hack. Because there's NO point in a hack, if you don't know how it works. That is the whole idea of hacking, to find out how systems work. So anyways, when you login to hotmail, the cgi-bin gateway marks you as being IN the system. If you don't logout, and you just leave the page, or turn off your computer, the Hotmail system doesn't know that you are gone from your account. So back to the real text. The action="URL" part of the line above is where the subjects account is located. So after the real owner of the account has logged in and given his/her password, they will go to a page that says...... http://somenumber/cgi-bin//start/username/anothernumber< in the URL box......

step 3) Hmmmmm...funny thing, that's the same number that we obtained earlier in this text from the source code for the password page. So after you have that URL, you must type in into the URL box ONLY!!!! You can not click the open button, or use an open command for reasons that are way beond the grasp of this text. So after you've entered that URL, press enter, and watch as hotmail gives you complete access over the subjects Hotmail account. Now remember that this hack ONLY works if the owner of the account does NOT logout from his/her account. Also, please have mercey for the poor idiot on the other end that owns the account, and do not delete any messages or any shit like that. Just be happy that you DID gain access to the account and then leave.

This file was made for newbies, and those who are always looking to learn. Not for all you expierienced hackers who know it all, unless you realy wanted to read it. So don't bother mailing me (if you somehow get my e-mail address) flamming us or shit like that.


MAKE sure you have a HOTMAIL account. I cannot stress this at all. You cannot use any e-mail address that is not on the HOTMAIL server. You need an address for this to work.

Here is what you do:

1. In the TO field, type in "" (This goes to an automated address in their system.)

2. In the SUBJECT field, type in "RET-PWORD"

3. In the body text (message) type the following.

----- CUT HERE -------, mypassword, ------ END CUT --------

4. Replace with your HOTMAIL e-mail address, this can be to any e-mail address on the internet.

5. Replace mypassword with your HOTMAIL password.

6. Replace with the person's Hotmail account that you want to steal.

7. Send the e-mail.

Here is what it is supposed to look like:


There! That is all you need to do! The person's e-mail will arrive within 24 to 48 hours! (i hope)


Kimberely, KKK& Apoc

Free JavaScripts provided
The JavaScript Source