According to its website, Nokia N-Gage should be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2003. This is one of the most impressive phones and it is really worth to be here. So, let's take a quick look at phone's specifications and find out what makes it different from other phones. The main phone's feature is that it is more gaming device than a mobile phone. Nokia signed contracts with such giants as Activision, so, we should see such games as Tomb Raider or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater applied for Nokia N-Gage. If you take a look at N-Gage's photo, you'll see that it even doesn't look like a phone. But despite this, it has such features, as not all current phones do: Bluetooth, GPRS, MMS, WAP browser with XHTML support, Java, USB port, MP3 player, FM radio and many others. But the main phone's feature is high performance mobile 3D gaming. Considering resources that Nokia spends advertising N-Gage, I can forecast very bright future for it. Many should buy the phone just to look what the so advertised Nokia N-Gage really is. I can't tell whether they will like the device or not, but we hope that they will.

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