NOKIA 7700


      Nokia 7700 couldn't even be called a phone the manufacturer gives it name "media device". And I absolutely agree with this: the ability to make calls isn't the main feature in this handheld. At first let's look at phone's design: as you can see, it doesn't look like a phone. For us this device looks similar to stylish camera. Handheld is equipped with a big, 65 000 color touch-sensitive display, which even allows browsing simple (not WAP) websites. Device comes with a stylus, to help using the display. 7700 is based on new Series 90 platform from Nokia. This is the first phone that works on that platform. This handheld includes almost all features: GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth, MMS, EDGE support, email client, Java, MP3 player, FM radio, built-in digital camera with video recording ability, polyphonic ringtones, Opera browser, Word, Sheet (Excel), Presentation Viewer (PowerPoint) and many others. So, all gadget freaks should really like this device. But despite many features and abilities, device has one serious disadvantage: its size. Device weighs 183 grams and its dimensions are 134 x 80 x 22 mm. This is really too much. But if its size were smaller, it wouldn't have the ability to browse WWW websites. As a conclusion, I can't forecast bright future for this device. Despite all features and nice appearance, it shouldn't become very popular: the main disadvantage was told above and in my personal opinion, it's really severe.