NOKIA 5140


              Nokia 5140 is a successor of Nokia 5100. As 5100, 5140 too could be called sport-style phone, because of such features as water and shock resistance. I pick this phone because Nokia 5140 is first ever GSM phone that has push-to-talk capability. What is push-to-talk? It's ability to use your phone as a walkie-talkie. This service is quite popular in the US CDMA networks. But this feature in something new in GSM networks. But even without this feature 5140 isn't just simple image-class phone. As we have mentioned, this tri-band (GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900) phone is water and shock resistant. It has a size of 106.5 x 47 x 24 mm and weighs 101 grams. It is equipped with 4096 color display. The range of other features is also very wide: GRPS, WAP, MMS, Java, polyphonic ringtones, email client, infrared port, built-in digital camera, video player and recorder, FM radio, XHTM browser, EDGE support, TCP/IP support and some more exotic features as thermometer and flashlight. Phone lacks only Bluetooth (to use Bluetooth headset) and maybe MP3 player (this feature would be really nice for such sport-style phone). But even without these features phone is really good. I think that all owners of 5100 or 5210 can't wait for this phone to appear.

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